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Jute Webbing #9 3.5" 72/Yds 4630B

Original price $34.95 - Original price $34.95
Original price
$34.95 - $34.95
Current price $34.95

 Jute Webbing #9 3.5" 72/Yds 4630B

                                                          by roll 72 yds $ 34.95

                                                          When buy 3 rolls 72 yds $ 32.50     

No 4630-B
72 yds
3 1/2"
9 lbs. 
Strip color


Our Jute Webbing is made from 100% natural jute and is extremely durable and strong. Jute Webbing is the material traditionally used in furniture manufacturing and upholstery to support springs on seat bot- toms and backs. Jute Webbing is the mark of true craftsmanship. Our Jute Webbing is pre-shrunk so it won’t sag or stretch. The webbing is tightly woven for superior performance.