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Bobbin Anefil T90

Original price $79.90 - Original price $79.90
Original price
$79.90 - $79.90
Current price $79.90

                                                      When Buy 1 box 144 Bobbins $ 79.90

                                                      When buy 3 boxes $ 68.50

                                                      When buy 1 package x 12 $ 7.50


PRECISION PRE-WOUND Assists in providing consistent stitch formation for a superior, dependable sewing performance.
SUPERIOR SEWABILITY Designed with yardage control in mind, these performance bobbins are precision wound to the correct number of yards per bobbin, allowing for maximum efficiency with predictable run times, and dependable performance.

WIDE VARIETY Offered in styles A through Z, A&E’s High Performance Bobbins are available in nylon, polyester, spun poly, cotton, cotton poly blend, meta-aramid, and para-aramid fiber types.

Color: Sample